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Official Selection 2013: The Oaxaca FilmFest Screenwriting Competition

A Different Drummer by William S. Ward
A Noble Truth by Jonathan Szatkowski
A Time To Keep by Richard A. O'Driscoll
Above the Bit by Kenneth Lemm
Aguante! by Karen Fogelström
AKA The Latin Hammer by Larry Thomas
Amber Room Treasures by Djv Murphy
Amur by Ray Morris
Amwolf by James W. Corpening
Banda Boy by Emmett Raitt
Bandit by Bryan Keithley
Bardo by Miguel Ignacio Múzquiz Ojeda
Casa de muñecas by Dave Malkav
Corcel en Llamas by José Luis Luna
Damaged Angels by Ivan Bukta
Deadland by Ted Sterns
Disaster Island by Justin Zipprich
Disparando a las Estrellas by Sergio Vizuete
Dreams of a Girl by Jeffrey Kraynak
El Rabanito - The Radish Baby by Victoria Buksbazen
Falfurrias by Edward Tyndall
Fatal Woman by Laura Kelber
Fe SA de CV by Andres Diaz Orozco
Flame by Derek L. Mcdaniel
Forgotten Kingdom by Luca Brunetti
Glass Houses by Andrew Stone
Grace by Jeffrey Allen Russel & Lynda Lemberg
He's No Pimp-Daddy by Dean Rocissono
Hostages by Nathan Gathergood
Incarnate by Jordan Defazio
Inmigrante by Susan del Campo
Irrecoverable by Gustavo Avila
L.H.O. (Part 1) by Romaner J. Strong Jr.
La Primera Brisa de la Primavera by Carlos Augusto Uresti Ruiz
La Violencia by Cecilia Ellison & Césa Ellison
Life blows chunks by Juan Carlos Valbuena
Luther's Gang by Massimiliano Mauceri
Machina by Tom Radovich
Madeleine by Donna Bellorado
Make It Better by Randolph Splitter
Man Versus Man by Dena Pech
Me, Vos, Buenos Aires by Atzin Ortiz González
Moonlight Bandit by Jack McLaughlin
More Than Eternity by Maciej Rogala & Magdalena Rogala
Murder for Sale by Sharon Duncan
Murmansk Run by Wendy Joseph
Needle by Michelle Cutler
Neon Aztecs by John Leary
NIMROD by Mark Parker
No More Tears by Cynthia Lee Mehta
Not as Advertised by Dana Cowden
Only In America by Arty Finkelstein & Andrew Garret
Operation "Awakening" by Mark Rasskazov
Patrons of the Game by Virginia Tormey Friedman
Piano Bar by Jennifer Sharp
Rachel's Quinceanera by Mauro Flores, Jr.
Sacrifice by Ronald B. Petty, Sr.
Santos by Rosalía Ortiz De Zárate
Sex is Violence by Patrick Kennelly
Sex on the Beaches by Jamie Brooklyn
She Was Left Alone by Bela Wolf
Silent Rescue by Todd Sorrell
Sonora by Sara Alarcon Juárez
Stargazer by Leonard DiAsio & Marcia Chandler Rhea
Stealing Sophie by Leland Price
The Bus to Siento by Sherrill Wark
The Cat Lady of Gramercy by Jonathan Weichsel
The Checkout Line by Melvin Bland & Cornelius Broderick
The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy
by Robert Cole
The Collapse by Jonathan Cvack
The Comeback by Chase Brogan
The Fabric of Love by Wayne Bauer
The Father, The Son by Jesse Salmeron
The Fourth Cataract by Fernando Ortiz
The Ghoul War by David Talon
The Kids from Nowhere by George Guthridge & Deborah Schildt
The Little Death by Robert Koier
The Retirement Plan by Steven Prowse
The Snakeman by Jeffrey Ryback
The Spanish Island by Steve Lamontagne
The Still Life of Cornelius by Stefano Jay Bozzo
Time Police: The Curious Case of the Devil Dogs
by Scott Simpson
Totally Unnecessary Great Adventure by Ahmed Kamel Moftah
Toyz On Demand! by Ian Keldoulis
Trip by David Rodríguez Estrada
Una vida sencilla by Sergio Vera Méndez
Under My Roof by Jennifer De Poyen
Velada by Cory Krueckeberg
When the Quetzal Sings by Calvin Glover
Working Tacoma by Rod Tipton
Wrath by Abe Frank

In order to qualify for The Oaxaca FilmFest Screenwriting Competition, the original non-developed script must be for a Feature Narrative. All scripts must be in English or Spanish.


In this section we will be awarding scriptwriters
the following prizes:

Best In Script 
Original Script
Honorable Mention(s)

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