Events, Cocktails and AFTER parties


Oaxaca FilmFest has a reputation for screening the highest quality of cinema available in the world today. However, the festival also has an amazing 10 days of extraordinary events planned to complement the Official Selection.


Exclusively for Screen Writer Competition finalists. This 3 day event includes 2 workshops on how to properly pitch a film script to industry professionals followed by the opportunity to actually pitch to and interact with industry executives around the globe, in real time via live video streaming.


Oaxaca FilmFest is an exclusive member of Red Mexicana de Festivales Cinematográficos. This is an organization of Mexican Film Festivals dedicated to the enhancement of cinema throughout Mexico. In 2013 Oaxaca FilmFest will be the official host of the Red Mexicana de Festivales Cinematográficos annual conference. To celebrate this event Oaxaca FilmFest is hosting a montage of work from these festivals.


An incredible midnight outdoor screening overlooking the city of Oaxaca.


This festival favorite is an annual staple to the festival since the very start. In La Choperia, a cool local bar, this is a special night where a handful of directors will screen their short film and discuss with the audience the experience of making their film.


A "do not miss" on the festival agenda. Shown immediately after the awards presentation this is a selection of shorts from the festival's official selection that will have the audience talking about them until Oaxaca FilmFest 4 arrives!


During the course of the festival this year both the general audience as well as filmmakers attending the festival will have access to numerous educational events that will enhance their skills.



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